6 Best Guidelines for Selecting a Good Self-Storage Facility

Have you run out of space to store some of your prized possessions? A self storage facility is an answer to your problem. But the concern is, how are you going to select one that best fits your need? Self storage experts state that other than concentrating on the size or the price you should put in mind these six features in a self storage facility. It is also a good idea to user a removalist at www.fragileremovals.com.au in conjunction with a self storage facility. They now a have a new storage facility in Glen Waverley in Melbourne

1. Excellent Customer Service
Your first contact with any self-storage facility or removalists be it by phone call, email, or face to face, will help you gauge how they treat their customers. A good customer care involves answering all the questions efficiently and in a friendly manner too. Taking you to every step of the requirements and terms of their services.
2. Hands-On Manager
Dealing with the manager directly is always the best option. Having a manager on-site can sometimes show how dedicated the company is. Communication is clearer because you will be dealing with the top most. At least your doubts can be cleared if you are dealing with a bigger person on the management ranks.
3. Sparkling Clean
How the office looks will give you an overall clue about cleanliness and how organized the place is. The clean floors and dusted environment, spacious bathrooms and a smart and neatly dressed manager are some of the attributes of a well-taken care of facility. It also shows that the staff will adequately care for tenants too.
4. No Pesky Pests
Excellent self-storage facilities have pest control professionals who check the facility for any critters. Since pests can do a great damage to tenants, it is imperative to do a regular check up. You need a place where your valuables are supposed to be safely kept not a place where rodents will eat up your clothes. Rats can urinate or chew up your furniture defecating in your books. Storage facilities not only needs a monthly check up it should be checked and cleaned regularly.
5. Tight Security
Nobody wants their valuables stolen, so tight security should be a top priority. A facility worth proper security should be equipped with a computerized access gate and security cameras with good lighting too. An on-site manager is also an added advantage. Furthermore, facilities need to screen tenants, asking them for their documents just in case they are not planning to bring in bad people. This makes it easy if by bad luck the facility gets robbed.
6. A Good Fit
Storage facilities differ from one to the other, so choosing one is greatly influenced by what you exactly need. A case in point if the things you are storing are the ones you left on the curb then they might be of no value to you so going for a pricey facility is no option here. And if you intend to retrieve your valuables on weekends, day or night, then you will need a facility that operates 24 hours a day.You now know how to select a good storage facility. A good storage facility is essential for your business. These factors will play a great role in securing you the best storage facility possible. It is a good idea to use the same storage company as moving company, as often movers also have storage facilities as part of their business.